A declarative, file-based static website generator

Grow.dev is a static site generator optimized for building highly-interactive, localized microsites. Grow.dev focuses on providing optimal workflows and developer ergonomics for creating projects that are highly maintainable in the long-term.

Grow.dev encourages a strong-but-simple separation of content and presentation, and makes maintaining content in different locales and environments a snap.

Key features

  • YAML-based content management with locale and environment variations
  • Custom YAML types representing documents, data files, strings, etc.
  • Jinja templates
  • Localization inbuilt (for content, translations, and URLs)
  • Build sharding for massive websites
  • Extensions and integrations with content sources
  • No opinion about the client-side frontend stack



Grow.dev prefers configuration over code for defining a web site's content and architecture. We keep Grow.dev simple so that you can learn about all its capabilities within an hour or less.

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