A declarative, file-based microsite generator
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Configuration, not code.

Control your site's URLs, content hierarchy, structure and behavior all with configuration, not with code. You won't have to program your site's serving logic again and again, so website production stays rapid and nimble. Modifications to your architecture are always just a config change away.

Îñtérñåtîøñålization made simple.

Flexible localization is easy and comes included. You can configure localized URL formats, easily specify what content is translated and what isn't, localize your content, and integrate with translation providers to translate your projects.

Develop everywhere, deploy anywhere.

Grow sites are entirely file-based, backed by Git with no database to maintain. Development can happen locally or in the cloud. You can deploy to a variety of destinations – including exporting as static files for integration with your custom server.

No installation or maintenance.

Focus on what matters (your web sites!) when using Grow. Your projects are stored and managed entirely separate from the app, so you'll never have to maintain a deployed installation or deal with upgrades. Grow tests and verifies your sites upon each build.