Start with Grow – a codelab

Welcome to Grow! Thanks so much for checking out this project – we think you're really going to like using Grow to build, manage, and launch your high-quality web sites. This codelab is intended to walk developers through the basics of Grow in just about 10 minutes. Hopefully you'll learn what makes Grow so cool.

Feel free to open the video below in a new window and follow along, or just watch it. We've attempted to go through the codelab in the video. Some things are easier understood from reading, or watching, or vice versa.

First of all, what do we mean by building high-quality web sites? To us, "high-quality" web sites are:

  • optimized to be blazingly fast
  • well-suited for both desktop and mobile
  • secure
  • testable
  • easy to launch
  • easy to internationalize and to make available in many languages
  • easily maintainable for both developers and content owners
  • following web best practices (accessibility, architecture, etc.)

Grow was made to make all of this not just possible, but verifiable, so let's jump in right now.