Grow implements several commands to help you build your pod to generate files and inspect the pod for ways to improve development and deployment.



Builds a pod, generating all the static files needed to render your site. By default, the grow build command outputs files to the build/ directory within your pod. You can specify a target directory by using an optional fourth argument. In order to deploy your site locally or to a launch destination, see the grow deploy command.

# Builds pod to "build" directory.
grow build

# Builds pod to <dir>.
grow build --out_dir=<dir>

# Builds pod and shows untranslated strings.
grow build --locate-untranslated

When using the --locate-untranslated flag Grow will also output all of the untranslated strings into .po files in the .grow/untranslated/ directory to make it easier to request missing translations.


Runs just the preprocessor step of the build process.

inspect routes

Shows all routes from your pod. Useful for testing and debugging routing.

grow inspect routes

inspect untranslated

Attempts to correlate the strings that are missing translation tagging in front matter and the templates use of the gettext (_(...)) function.

grow inspect untranslated